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HoMac is a set of tools for management of virtual Web Sites. it is coded on Perl and PHP, using MySQL as the backend for data storage. it will work with Apache and Linux, maybe can work with other WebServers and OS too, but we had only tested the above combination.
If you wonder if this software is being used by some one? well i had knowledge of 1 instalation working and other in progress. both by big ISP, one has over 600 Web Sites.
The idea behind homac, or better yet, what's the ideal setup for an homac based shared web hosting is as follows:
but this is not mandatory, you can also run all of this into 1 server, and this way of course you didn't need a separated Disk Server.
Some people may ask when HoMaC make is first presentation, well it was like 1 or 1 and a half year ago, on the ISP where i work for, since i got sick and tired of people from the commercial area to ask me how many shared web sites we are running on our server. so i start homac as an list of the sites, then i put the on a sql server, and so on, also we suffer the pain of add the shared web hosting by hand, introducing human error wich can make the web server to crash, and i was the one who was blamed for that always, so i said "no more , no one else touch the web server config files" and this was the start of HoMaC, also this way i had never again had to add web sites. the first version, or release 0 of homac, wich is no public, and maybe it will never be. (i may release it but is really ugly coded, but works(tm)).
About Security, well homac was never coded with security in mind, there are no or almost no string check code for input from the web pages or database, you may ask why, well the administration console has been designed to be run on a secure environment, maybe an internal server with access to the main DB Server, where only authorized people can make changes. ok i know most of the crack attemps are from the internal networks at companies, but, hey, if you gave the password to some one, at least take the time to explain the basic , or write the HoMaC Documentation :)
Homac v1.0 is not yet done, we had just reached version 1.0Alpha1, i hope release at least 2 or 3 alpha, some betas , few RC, and then final version , and then we hope start working on Version 2 of HoMaC wich will include a lot of new features.

This project is being hosted at: SourceForge
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